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  • Thank You St. Anthony's Men's Group

    At the HVFD July Business Meeting representatives from the St. Anthony's Men's Group honored us with a check for $1,000. We truly appreciate the support from our community.

  • Burn Ban Now

    Gillespie County, including Harper, is under a Burn Ban. Failure to follow this order is a Class C Misdemeanor. This does apply to Fireworks. If your fireworks has the marking of 1.4g on it anywhere then it is consider a firework. Everyone please have a Happy but SAFE 4th of July.


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Burn Ban

There is currently a burn ban in effect at this time.

Burn Ban Information

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The mission of the Harper Vol. Fire Dept. and EMS is to protect lives and property. Our goal is to provide our community with the best possible EMS, fire protection and prevention.

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